Advanced Electromagnetic Interferences (Emi)

EMI SecureTM is SmartEnergi’s superior electromagnetic interference shielding product with higher electrical conductivity and can absorb a wider range of EMI frequencies (including RFI and ESD) to protect critical electronics from EMI.  EMI SecureTM is made from binderless nanostructured material coating with superior conductivity, thin, lightweight, conformal, and structurally stable with flexible deployment options. We use our EMI shielding solution consisting of binderless nanostructures with excellent electrical conductivity to dissipate electromagnetic energy effectively. We also use it to prevent undesired electrical impulses from interfering with electronic equipment by providing a path for dissipation

Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is unwanted electromagnetic signals that can disrupt or degrade the normal operation of electronic devices, circuits, or systems. EMI is typically caused by intentional or unintentional electromagnetic emissions from devices like radios, mobile phones, computers, or electrical equipment. It can also result from interference from external sources like power lines or radio transmitters. EMI can occur across a wide range of frequencies, including both radio frequencies (RF) and lower frequencies.

While some EMI frequencies may not destroy critical electronic equipment, its presence could disrupt the normal functioning of electronic equipment, resulting in data corruption, signal degradation, or temporary malfunctions in affected devices.

superior EMI shielding solution

SmartEnergi’s EMI SecureTM offers a superior EMI shielding solution to radiation shielding solutions made from conductive polymer composites, which have higher electrical resistance polymer matrix, and often use higher cost nickel, which is a critical material. Some of the advantages we offer over radiation shielding solutions that use conductive polymer composite include
  • Better chemical stability
  • Superior electrical conductivity
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Stronger mechanical integrity, including high strength, high stiffness, good fatigue resistance, and exceptional fracture toughness.
  • Superior nanocomposite bonding and adhesion, allowing use in applications with high vibration such as airplanes, satellites, automobiles, etc.


EMI is a concern in industries such as telecommunications, broadcasting, automobile, and electronics, where interference can affect signal quality and device performance. Our lightweight, conformal, and structurally stable coating solution allows us to coat the EMI shielding solution, EMI SecureTM , directly within or on enclosures protecting critical electronic components. Contact us to discuss your unique EMI shielding needs