The Next Big Thing: Energy Storage Technologies That are Changing Industries

SmartEnergi designs and supplies novel energy storage products and services for use by government, defense, businesses, educational institutions, and residential customers. We are driven by the following key innovations in the energy storage industry: innovative electrodes, novel batteries, unique battery packaging design, innovative energy storage systems design, and exceptional energy storage services

Focusing on these innovations, the company now has four main unique product & service categories: (a) energy resiliency services; (b) rechargeable solid state (polymer) lithium-ion cells; (c) intelligent battery energy storage systems; and, (d) binderless electrodes.










Products & Services

Power Assurance Services (SPAS™)

SmartEnergi has introduced novel energy service called SmartEnergi Power Assurance Services (SPAS™). Our SPAS™ provides power resilience/emergency power to government, corporations, and residential customers in the event of power outages caused by natural and manmade disasters.

Specifically, our SPAS™ helps our health, airport, telecom, commercial, hospitality, educational, financial, industrial, utility, defense, security and residential customers who want to seamlessly supply electricity to avoid interruptions in critical operations due to power outages, but cannot immediately afford initial capital cost. By employing services of a dedicated third-party energy company that installs and manages energy storage systems that automatically sense and restore power in milliseconds, our customers can quickly and inexpensively achieve power resiliency that can help avoid economic losses, electronic data losses and also minimize risks of legal issues, penalties and loss of customers.

We also offer Energy Cost Savings Services (SECSaS™) that can be a complement to SPAS™.

For more information go to the Services Page.

Intelligent Battery Energy Storage Systems (iBESS™)

SmartEnergi has introduced an innovative, intelligent battery energy storage system (iBESS™) that can be used for a variety of applications, including our pioneering SmartEnergi power assurance service (SPAS™), and as complement for other source of power to help customers manage their demand and reduce costs, a service we call SmartEnergi Energy Cost Savings Services (SECSaS™).

The iBESS™ is designed to be flexible and can store energy from the grid, diesel generators, and from renewables such as solar and wind. The (iBESS™) is intelligent, flexible, modular portable and mobile, safer, lightweight, quiet, and non-polluting, which allows deployment indoors. We are currently seeking distributors worldwide for these products.

For more information go to the iBESS on the product Page.

Rechargeable Solid State (Polymer) Lithium-ion Cells

SmartEnergi has introduced new and UN38.3 certified rechargeable solid state (polymer) lithium-ion cells into the market for making small, medium, and large format batteries needed in variety of industries.

These solid state (polymer) cells are safer, dimensionally stable (negligible swelling compared to industry standard of about 8% swelling), offer over 2 times cycle life advantage, high thermal stability with the ability to withstand both lower and higher temperatures, high capacity retention, scalable,  and low cost.

We are supplying these cells in large volumes and seeking OEM customers worldwide.

For more information see Solid State Lithium-ion Cells.

Binderless Electrode

SmartEnergi is commercializing patented binderless electrodes for use in making energy storage devices such as batteries. The binderless electrodes have enabled us to solve the fundamental problems the battery industry has not been able to solve for decades; that is inability to develop batteries that have large stable capacity that is reversible, and can simultaneously support high charge/discharge rate, and long cycle life.

This binderless electrode innovation is able to significantly improve energy storage devices to be safer, have higher energy density, achieve 10X longer cycle life, 10X more power, 10X faster charging, and increased charge / discharge efficiency. We are seeking investors and development partners to commercialize these binderless electrodes.

For more information go to the Binderless Electrodes.

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