improve the energy density of batteries by eliminating electrochemically inactive binders

In building our electrodes, we use new material formulation that eliminates binders, and a scalable electrode manufacturing process to deliver binderless electrodes that increases the energy density of batteries. We improve the energy density of batteries by eliminating electrochemically inactive binders and conductive materials that reduce the specific capacity and energy density of the active materials. The binder-free electrodes exhibit excellent electrochemical performance due to their high ion/electron conductivity and close contact between the conductive substrate and the active material. Our innovation is material agnostic so we build high performance cathodes and anodes using both existing and new battery materials. Our first battery product is a proprietary high-capacity anode, Binder-Free FETM Anode. More information about this anode is provided below:

A1. Binder-Free FETM Anode

SmartEnergi’s Binder-Free FETM Anode has about 3 times the capacity of conventional graphite anode (1,000 mAh/g). This anode uses raw materials that are 9X cheaper than conventional graphite anode materials, abundant and domestically produced, allowing us to provide supply chain resilience for anodes used in Li-ion and other advanced batteries. Moreover, our anode has high thermal stability (with onset decomposition temperature of the nanocomposite electrode coating above 600 oC), and significantly improved safety compared to competing anodes such as graphite, silicon, silicon-graphite composite, and Li-Metal.

high-performance Binder-Free FETM

Our high-performance Binder-Free FETM anode allows us to initially plant our feet firmly in the Li-ion Battery world because it can be paired with a variety of conventional cathodes. For instance,  pairing our Binder-Free FETM Anode with conventional cathode such as NMC811 would improve energy density by 60%. Our anode also has durable high-rate capability, allowing us to support true fast charging of electric vehicles – fully charge in 6-12 minutes (5C to 10C)- with minimal capacity degradation.
Summary of the advantages that automakers using this product can expect to get include:


SmartEnergi is also applying our material and manufacturing process innovation to develop several next generation cathodes, including a new high-capacity iron-based cathode that could reduce the cost of the cathode by more than 300% versus NMC cathode, and increase the energy density by 100% when paired with our proven proprietary Binder-Free FETM Anode. More significant, it would completely disrupt the Li-ion battery supply chain because it would allow us to pair this advanced cathode with our Binder-Free FETM Anode to power electric vehicles and other battery applications without depending on huge portions of current Li-ion battery materials (No Lithium, No Nickel, No Cobalt, No Magnesium, and No Graphite)!

A3: SmartEnergi Solid Polymer Electrolyte Battery

Note that the first generation of this product DOES NOT include our innovative binderless electrodes. It uses conventional electrodes in order to make the product available now. Our second generation of this product will incorporate our game changing binderless electrodes.

Brief Description

SmartEnergi presents an innovative solid polymer battery cell designed to address challenges faced by traditional batteries in extreme temperature conditions. With superior thermal stability, our cells outperform conventional ones, ensuring longevity and high performance in both low and high-temperature environments. Our solid polymer cells are optimized for longer life, higher energy density, and higher power density.


  • Cycle Life: Over 2,000 cycles at 0.5C/0.5C at room temperature within the voltage range of 3V to 4.35V.
    • Capacity Retention: 86% at cycle number 2,000.
  • Low-Temperature Performance: 74% capacity retention at -20°C.
    • High-Temperature Performance: 80% capacity retention at cycle number 230 and 61% at cycle number 390 with +70°C cycling.
  • Safety: No risk of electrolyte leakage, ensuring enhanced safety compared to conventional cells.
  • Dimensional Stability: Minimal swell (negligible) compared to 8 to 10% swell in conventional liquid electrolyte cells.
  • Self-Discharge: Less than 1% per month, retaining higher capacity after prolonged storage.
Benefits and Advantages

Product Availability

SmartEnergi offers a game-changing solution for industrial customers, especially aerospace companies manufacturing low orbit satellites, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding conditions.


Our SolidLIFE battery cells come in 5 model series namely, LifeGuard Series, ThermoTech Series, SecurePower Cell Series, SecureEnergy Cell Series, and EnduraCell Series

Solid State Li-ion Cells

BATTERY cells available now, customizable in size and capacity. Custom Cells: Tailored solutions supporting different cathode and anode chemistries.

Energy Storage Systems

Battery packs with innovative cells and packaging design, extending temperature range from -40°C to +75°C.