Platform Binderless Technology

SmartEnergi’s Platform Binderless Technology is a combination of Material and Manufacturing Process Innovations that use novel material formulations and binderless manufacturing technology to create a multifunctional material system to help deliver superior products for a variety of applications and industries.

Some of the superior products made possible by our binderless technology are offering:
  • Improved battery performance such as higher energy density, improved safety, longer cycle life, and durable high-rate capability
  • Better heat management of electronic devices and critical infrastructure,
  • Superior protection of electronic devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI) including radio frequency interferences (RFI), and ESD
  • Superior protection against critical infrastructure from malfunction or catastrophic failure of electronic devices due to exposure to electromagnetic waves (EMP and GMD).
Our binderless manufacturing technology and nanomaterial innovations have led to 4 categories of products:

Significantly, the binderless manufacturing technology would be a game changer in the energy, battery, EMI and EMP industries because of our ability to use it to process new high capacity, electrically conductive and thermally conductive nanostructured materials that are abundant, domestically available, and cheaper to enable supply chain resilience. 

opportunity to save on component costs

These nanostructured materials can be engineered to provide a point solution, or address multiple problems simultaneously, thereby offering manufacturers increased design freedom and the opportunity to save on component costs. This cutting-edge manufacturing process offers optimum productivity, efficiency, low cost, and scalability versus conventional coating methods.