Advanced Thermal Management Product Applications

Thermal ArmorTM is SmartEnergi’s superior thermal interface material (TMI) made from nanostructured material that isolates electrical components from the heat sink, and at the same time rapidly conducts heat away from the electrical components (processors, etc) to the heat sink or other cooling solution such as heat spreaders. By facilitating heat dissipation, they prevent devices from overheating, which is crucial for preventing poor device performance and instantaneous failure. As a result, devices using Thermal ArmorTM can expect to operate better, and be protected from catastrophic heat.

What Thermal ArmorTM Offers?

Existing thermal interface material includes thermal greases, thermal pads, phase change materials, and thermal adhesives, each designed to address specific heat management for different applications. What they have in common is relatively slow heat conduction to the heat spreader or heat sink. As a result, in spite of the presence of these conventional TMI, the devices being cooled still experience hot spots that could lead to device malfunction or catastrophic failure.

rapidly conduct the heat from critical electronic component

SmartEnergi’s Thermal ArmourTM uses binderless nanostructured material as a key ingredient, allowing us to rapidly conduct the heat from critical electronic component to the heat spreader or heat sink. Benefits:
  • Improved heat dissipation, preventing thermal issues in devices.
  • Enhanced device reliability and lifespan.
  • Increased safety, especially for batteries.
  • Improved overall device performance.
  • Cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for traditional thermal management components.


Some TMI use cases where Thermal ArmourTM offers superior solution include:
Reducing Thermal Resistance for High Performance Computing:

Thermal Armour can significantly reduce thermal resistance between critical electronic components such as CPUs or GPUs and the heat sinks or heat spreaders, allowing the devices to be cooled more effectively because of its ability to rapidly transfer heat.

Thermal Management in Compact Devices

In compact electronic devices like laptops and smartphones, space for heat dissipation is limited. Conventional TIMs provide a means of transferring heat from the electronic components to the device's outer surface or cooling system. However, due to the relative heat transfer inefficiency of these TMIs, these compact electronics tend to experience elevated surface temperature. Using SmartEnergi’s Thermal ArmorTM, devices can be cooled faster, eliminate incidence of hot spots and improve device performance and longevity.

Thermal Management In Power Electronics

In power electronics applications, such as inverters and motor drives, managing heat is essential. Conventional TIMs are used to maintain safe operating temperatures and extend the life of power electronic components have gaps in performance. However, Thermal ArmorTM can significantly improve the performance of current solutions.