Electromagnetic Pulse Shielding Product Applications

EMP ProtectTM is SmartEnergi’s superior electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) shielding products made from nanostructured material coating with superior conductivity that effectively shields against a wide range of EMP threats, including E1, E2, and E3 EMP components. We achieve effective shielding by either blocking or absorbing electromagnetic radiation. The high electrical conductivity of these nanostructures allows for efficient dissipation of electromagnetic energy.

What EMP ProtectTM offers?

EMP ProtectTM offers a revolution in EMP and GMD protection because of its superior shielding effectiveness and flexible deployment options. It is thin, lightweight, conformal, and structurally stable, setting it apart from existing bulkier solutions such as aluminum slabs and metallic mesh.

shielding effectiveness and flexible deployment options

EMP ProtectTM is also superior to radiation shielding solutions made from conductive polymer composites, which uses a higher electrical resistance polymer matrix, and often use higher cost nickel, which is a critical material. Some of the advantages we offer over radiation shielding solutions that use conductive polymer composite include:
  • Better chemical stability
  • Superior electrical conductivity
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Stronger mechanical integrity, including high strength, high stiffness, good fatigue resistance, and exceptional fracture toughness.
  • Superior nanocomposite bonding and adhesion, allowing use in applications with high vibration such as airplanes, satellites, automobiles, etc.


EMP ProtectTM protects critical electronics and infrastructure/assets, including Communication Systems, Electric Power Systems, Industrial Control Systems, Data Centers, Space Assets, Airplanes, Automobiles, etc, from the damaging effect from exposure to EMP and GMD.